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Choose us for professional sharps disposal in Florida. SaniTrax offers a full selection of sharps containers, both disposable and reusable. SaniTrax can offer an on-site service technician to exchange your sharps medical waste.


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Reusable Sharps Containers

The reusable sharps system utilizes reusable containers for the containment of needles and other sharps. The benefits include:

  • Reduction in regulated medical waste
  • Sustainable management of regulated medical waste through diversion
  • Landfill avoidance of plastic containers

At the waste disposal facility, the sharps container is robotically opened, emptied, then hygienically washed and ultimately disinfected prior to being put back into the inventory for reuse.

As a value-added to our service, SaniTrax can provide an on-site sharps disposal services technician to manage your sharps needs from:

  • Hardware and container installation
  • Inventory management
  • Full container exchange services, room to room

This not only reduces your staff’s exposure but reduces their workload as well.

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Disposable Sharps Containers

Disposable sharps containers are a great option for businesses with limited storage space. These containers are nested and reduce storage needs. We provide a variety of container sizes:

  • 1 QT
  • 1 GAL
  • 2 GAL
  • 5 QT
  • 8 GAL
  • 12 GAL
  • 18 GAL

We are able to provide wall mounting cabinets & brackets as well as dollies for floor units.

PGII Compliant Containers

The containers are excellent for facilities with needle disposal, such as:

  • Labs
  • Large research facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Mass vaccination operations.

The containers come with a port lid, which is able to be closed in between uses. The port lid can then be locked for shipping. The containers meet all the packaging requirements of US DOT without any additional packaging.

We offer these containers for both sharps and regulated medical waste/pathological waste disposal. Contact us today if you’re looking for sharps disposal or pharmaceutical waste disposal companies.


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