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Medical Waste Services

Our solutions for waste streams include Biomedical Waste (Regulated Medical Waste), Sharps & Needles Waste, Pathological Waste, Trace Chemotherapy Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste (Non-Hazardous, Hazardous & Controlled Substances), Universal Waste, and Hazardous Waste. We also provide emergency response services for remediation.


We provide in-depth waste audits to ensure compliant disposal solutions for the various waste streams generated at a facility. We also offer containers and packaging for these waste streams, ensuring all US DOT & EPA requirements are met. We happily provide our expertise and have packaging solutions readily available.

Compliance & Training

We offer a complete compliance portal for our clients. This includes: OSHA compliance, SDS Database, Facility Audits, Safety Plans, and Training. Our training programs include (but are not limited to): Bloodborne Pathogens, Florida DOH Biomedical Waste, & US DOT Training.

Medical Waste Company

Local, Family-Run Medical Waste Company

SaniTrax LLC specializes in the collection and transportation of regulated wastes from Federal Facilities, Hospitals, Dental Offices, Clinics, Research Facilities, Veterinary Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Physicians’ Offices, Nursing Homes, and Laboratories. Any generators of biomedical waste requiring proper collection and disposal can rely on us for the proper collection, tracking, and disposal of their biomedical waste. When you are looking for great management of biomedical waste in Florida, we're the team you can count on for the results you want.

The types of medical waste we dispose of include: Biomedical Waste (Regulated Medical Waste), Pathological, Trace Chemotherapy, Non-Hazardous, Hazardous & Controlled Pharmaceutical Waste, Universal Waste, and Hazardous Waste. We also provide emergency response services.

Our medical waste experts will create a strategy to dispose of and manage your waste stream properly.

Management Of Biomedical Waste In Florida

Biomedical Waste

Biomedical Waste (RMW) is waste generated from procedures, including any items saturated with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), such as bandages, gauze, or PPE, that are considered RMW or red bag waste.

Sharps Waste

Sharps waste such as needles, scalpels, blades, and pipettes that have come in contact with blood, body fluids, or microorganisms should be disposed of in a designated disposable sharps container.

SaniTrax offers a full-service or self-service sharps program to our clients. We can also offer an on-site service technician for your sharps exchange.

Biomedical Waste Disposal Guidelines
Sharps Pick Up Services

Trace Chemotherapeutic Waste & Pathological Waste

Pathological waste such as human or animal body parts, organs, tissues, and surgical specimens (decanted of formaldehyde, formalin, or other preservatives) are packaged separately for pickup in containers marked for incineration only.

We can help you and your staff safely segregate, package, and dispose of pathological waste generated from your facility.

Compliance and Training

SaniTrax offers more than just medical waste disposal in Florida. We also help manage your training and regulatory information needs with our online customer portal. Manage OSHA compliance, train your staff on a variety of topics, store Safety Data Sheets, perform Self-Audit Assessments, and other tasks.