SaniTrax Sponsors and Participates at the Gulf-Atlantic Veterinary Conference in Tampa, FL

The Gulf-Atlantic Veterinary Conference (TGAVC), hosted by the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA), is a notable event where veterinarians convene to interact with various vendors and participate in educational classes as well as wet labs. It’s an invaluable opportunity for practitioners to explore diverse services and gain hands-on experience in the field.

We at SaniTrax are proud to be partners with FVMA. This collaboration grants us the privilege to equip all of their wet labs with sharps containers and manage the disposal of medical waste post-conference. Our participation not only underscores our commitment to supporting veterinary professionals but also emphasizes our dedication to maintaining environmental responsibility and adhering to waste management protocols.

Being a part of TGAVC is important to our team, as it allows us to engage directly with the veterinary community, understand their needs better, and showcase our services. We look forward to fostering stronger relationships with the attendees and contributing to a safer, cleaner, and more efficient veterinary practice environment.