Save Thousands Each Year with Sanitrax

SaniTrax is one of the most reliable and trustworthy biomedical waste disposal companies in Florida. And on average, we help large and small businesses save $2,000 per location on waste management.

Disposal Services Include:

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Any type of waste with the potential to cause or spread infection. This includes items used during medical procedures, isolation waste or PPE, bandages, and gauze.

Trace Chemotherapy Waste

Items and materials that have come into contact with chemotherapy agents or may contain residual amounts of chemotherapy agents. This includes PPE, IV bags, and empty drug containers.

Contaminated Sharps

Syringes, scalpels, hypodermic needles, and other sharps that have been used in patient care or medical research must be stored in a designated sharps container and properly handled prior to and during disposal.

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"Nothing but good things to say this company has gone above and beyond, helping me through every step of the way from ground zero, giving fantastic advice and answering any call or email I have very promptly!!"

Jessica White


"We recently started working with SaniTrax and so far everything has been great. They are quick to respond to requests, everyone is kind and helpful, and service is provided as promised."

April Salazar


"I can't even say enough about this company! From minute one I knew we made the right choice. We needed to break free of Stericyle who was not showing up for pick-ups, not answering the phone and when they did no one could help me. They just gave me the run around. SaniTrax contacted me at just the right time to inquire about getting our business. I have been so happy with the customer service and consistency of SaniTrax! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! MAKE THE SWITCH!!!!

Maria Pidde

How Our Process Works

SaniTrax can handle every step of the biomedical waste process for your facility. Get a custom biomedical waste removal plan, plus ongoing support to ensure you remain compliant with all relevant state, federal, and local regulations.

Generator's Responsibility




1. Waste Creation

Biomedical waste is generated at the facility and recognized as such for the purposes of safe and effective disposal. 

2. Sealing & Segregating

Generators are responsible for segregating different waste types and storing them in appropriately sealed containers.

3. Storage

Once waste is sealed, generators place it in a designated room that a SaniTrax driver will have easy access to.

SaniTrax's Responsiblity




4. Waste Pick-Up

A SaniTrax driver will collect biomedical waste directly from your facility on a set schedule and will have you sign a manifest to show proof of pick-up.

5. Transport

We’ll transport your biomedical waste to our facility in accordance with guidelines set out by DOT and other regulatory agencies. 

6. Treatment

Waste is off-loaded and treated in our autoclave in order to render it non-infectious. Generators are provided with a Certificate of Treatment upon completion of this process.