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To ensure the safety and compliance of our customers, all of us at SaniTrax LLC wanted to provide more information on how to properly package Regulated Medical Waste. See below for more information about properly packaging RMW waste and check out our Compliance & Training page for more information about getting your team trained to handle this waste safely!


Regulated Medical Waste


Sharps Containers


Compliance Package

Step 1: Line Container with Red Liner

Line your regulated medical waste container with the liner supplied to you by your medical waste transporter. Make sure that all sharps are in appropriate sharps containers PRIOR to being placed into the container.The sharps container should be sealed to ensure that sharps will not escape during handling and transport. Sharps are any items that can puncture the liner and container.


Step 2: Tie Liner when Container is Full

Be sure the liner is secure before closing the container. The seal should be secure enough to contain theregulated medical waste if the bag of regulated medical waste were held upside down. A gooseneck witha single knot or a zip tie is preferred. Please make certain that the liner is secure and will contain all regulated medical waste contents.

Florida Generators: Please ensure your liner is marked with your generator information.

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For More Questions on Packaging RMW Waste:

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Step 3: Container Must Be Properly Sealed

The container must be properly sealed. Your container should be closed to ensure containment. Make sure the regulated medical waste is secure for transport.

Step 4: Place Barcode Label on Container

Place your bar-coded label on the container identifying you as the generator of the regulated medical waste.The label should include your name, address, phone, and generator identification number (if applicable). It is the bar-coded label provided to you. Please only use one per container.

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